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BON VIVANT: July 10-17, 2013

For our culinary-addicted, dolce vida-loving readers, “24/7” tracks down and uploads the most delicious food fêtes and gastronomic happenings going on this week.

100 Club of ChicagoWednesday, July 10

WHAT: 100 Club of Chicago Junior Board Soiree
WHERE: Japonais, 600 W. Chicago Avenue
WHEN: 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
$$$: $50 for members, includes signature cocktails, sake, wine and passed bites. For more information or to purchase tickets, click HERE.
24/7 TIP: Whoever said crime doesn’t pay, wasn’t on the receiving end of a radar gun. The last time we had a run in with the law, it involved a really expensive speeding ticket and a court date with a public defender. So when we heard that the 100 Club of Chicago’s Junior Board were honoring the city’s bravest law enforcement officers, firefighters, and paramedics who lost their lives in the line of duty, we decided that a charmed life trumped a life of crime. Not to mention, orange makes us look downright pasty.

Ethan PikasFriday, July 12

WHAT: Beach Party!
WHERE: Chopping Block, 222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza, #107
WHEN: 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.
$$$: $75 per person
24/7 TIP: It’s been a long, busy summer and too much work and not enough play make for bad bedfellows. While a week in South Beach would make a wonderful respite, your boss is more likely to sink your dreams of a sunny escape like a game of Battleship.  Here’s a better idea: take an interactive, cooking course, led by Chopping Block’s Ethan Pikas (pictured left), and learn to prepare four signature beach favorites including Hearts of Palm, crab and avocado salad with cilantro lime dressing; Achiote grilled Mahi Mahi with black bean, mango and corn salsa; fried plantains with chipotle mayo; and Key Lime pie with whipped cream. Next, host your own “party a la playa” then Instagram your favorite food pics for everyone, including your boss, to see. Hurry, though. Seats are limited to 7 guests. For more information, and to register, click HERE to visit The Chopping Block’s calendar page.

Chubby HubbySaturday, July 13

WHAT: Ice Cream Social Sidewalk Party
WHERE: Hotel Lincoln, 1816 N. Clark Street (outside hotel’s front doors)
WHEN: 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
$$$: FREE
24/7 TIP: There’s something about the act of screaming that sets our teeth on edge – fussy babies, irate bosses, and all nine SAW movies. But when someone starts screaming about ice cream sundaes, something magical happens. (See, you’re grinning just thinking about a big bowl of Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby, aren’t you?) In honor of National Ice Cream Month, head over to Hotel Lincoln for hand scooped cones and make-it-yourself sundaes (compliments of North Aurora-based creamery, Oberweis), live entertainment, family activities, and interactive games and contests for kids. WARNING: Be careful not to ingest Oberweis’ hand made treats too quickly. Those brain freezes hurt about as much as a teething toddler on a 26-hour flight to Melbourne.

CitySwarm Winery TourSunday, July 14

WHAT: CitySwarm Summer Winery Tour
WHERE: Four wineries including Shady Creek Winery, Founders Wine Cellar, Lemon Creek Winery, and Round Barn Winery.
WHEN: 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
$$$: $75 per person. For more information or to purchase tickets, click HERE.
24/7 TIP: The fortune cookie said to prepare for a weekend of adventure, so you naturally found yourself imagining a pinot-soaked weekend in California wine country with the oenophile wolf pack. However, if your illusions of grape grandeur outweigh your line of credit (prophecies never consider the monetary elements of reality, sorry) consider a detour. CitySwarm has tannin-lovers covered with its annual Summer Winery Tour which features a trip to four leading Midwest vineyards, an en plein air lunch, a live music concert, and more cru-swirling than a Master Sommelier convention. Salud!

Duvel Beer TastingWednesday, July 17

WHAT: Duvel Beer Tasting
WHERE: Franklin Tap, 325 S. Franklin Street
WHEN: 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.
$$$: Entrance is free, includes beer tastings. For more information, call 312-212-3262.
24/7 TIP: There’s something about those Belgians that make it hard not to fall in love – Old Master painter Peter Paul Rubens and his full-figured subjects, Hollywood icon and diamond devotee Audrey Hepburn, and kick-boxing king Jean-Claude Van Damme. Well, maybe not so much. So, taking a page from the “Belgians Do It Better” book, we anticipate that an evening of Belgium beer tastings – Duvel’s aromatic brews will be spotlighted – will be right up there with taking a melodic sojourn into the world of Jean “Toots” Thielemann, a fellow Belgian and the world’s most famous harmonica player. Yeah, who are we kidding. NOTE: Guests who purchase a bottle or single draft of Duvel will take home a limited edition, Mike Perry-designed beer glass. (pictured left)

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