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Chicago Designs invade New York Fashion Week

Maison De LaCour
February 13, 2013

Photo2It’s a warm winter day in February. The distant sounds of high heels clicking against the concrete echo through the streets, while attitude & creative expression are out in full force. It’s New York Fashion Week. And this year, a shining essence of Chicago is turning heads on a national stage (or catwalk, if you will).

Designer, JuJu LaCour, brought his Maison De LaCour designs from Chicago to New York City on Wednesday for “STYLE360 Presented by CONAIR” at Metropolitan Pavilion (125 W. 18th Street). Kicking off Luxury Management’s fashion show tour, Maison De LaCour was out to prove it is far from your everyday designs.

“The style is more grunge,” says JuJu. “Every season I try to find some type of subculture that people were interested in. I really wanted go back to the ‘90s era and that was the time that grunge came about. I took plaid & luxurious fabrics and mixed them together. Maison De LaCour is a lifestyle brand. I really could say I had fun with this collection and what it truly became at the end of everything.”

When asked how it feels to be a Chicago designer showing at New York Fashion Week, JuJu replied, “It’s really huge. I’ve thought of this day since I was 12. To actually be here, right now, this day is really amazing.”

Photo3Maison, which means “House” in French, held up to its name on Wednesday, bringing down the house in a room filled with inspired fashion enthusiasts. Thanks to Luxury Management/Maison De LaCour’s hard-working staff & make-up artists, the models hit the runway in JuJu’s designs with sheer grit & sass, complementing the grunge looks in top form.

So, what does JuJu hope comes of Maison De LaCour’s exposure at Fashion Week? “I’ve been only custom design for the past few years. So, one boutique grabbing the Maison De LaCour brand would be phenomenal. Five years from now, I want to keep the brand small. A couple boutiques, one or two department stores would be the ultimate goal.”

Photo4To learn more about JuJu’s designs, visit MaisonDeLaCour.com

-Jeff Conway, 24/7 Online Contributor

Photography by Tom Hafner Elicerio

Photo 4 Credit: Greg Dillard, JuJu LaCour, Jeff Conway & Ricardo Sebastian

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