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How To Dress A Size Smaller

In my quest to figure out what to write about this week, I stumbled upon an article that I think is relevant to write about no matter what the season.  (which also translates to the fact that I cannot get excited for spring today as we are getting pounded with a snowstorm).  So, instead of writing about cheery pops of color and the best new sandals for spring, I am going to dedicate this week to how to dress and look a size smaller….and who doesn’t want that?!  There are a few basic ways to do this so here goes:


1.  Bold solids and prints can work if you know how to wear them.  Pick smaller prints to cover up parts of your figure and go for larger prints on the assets you wish to flaunt.  If you prefer solids, then be sure to wear that bright color on the smallest part of your body as that is the area that will draw attention.

2.  Invest in a tailor.  Wearing fitted pieces is much more flattering to any size than baggy pieces.  Please note that fitted is different than skin tight….no one looks good in clothing that is too tight.

3.  Elongate your body with vertical stripes or details like seams and zippers on clothing.

4.  My final and best piece of advice is to stand up straight and have confidence.  Not only will you actually look longer, but you will actually feel better too.

Now, I am crossing my fingers that this is the last snow storm of the year so I can really dive into those spring staples because they are so much more fun to write about.  Here’s to next week and a fun, spring topic!

Kristen Amato, Contributing Writer

Photo credit: styleit.com

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