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Leather For All Seasons

Leather for all Seasons

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Yfendi-rtw-ss2013-runway-26_100153346029-e1349110617108es, you heard me correctly, leather, an old favorite fall wardrobe staple, is having a spring moment….actually, it is having a “season-less” moment.  Leather is being shown in all colors and not just on jackets, but it is also a major staple for pants, shirts, dresses, and as a major player in jewelry.  The key in wearing leather for spring is all in the color and the weight of the leather.  Paper thin leathers are popping up everywhere and allow clothing to be draped and worn in unusual ways.  And, no color is off limit here as leathers have been shown in soft pinks, yellows, blues, etc.  The most important thing to remember when trying the trend is to keep it ladylike and sophisticated…..aka, no studs and heavy metal on the leather.

It should reflect the season…now we just need the warm weather to follow!

~ Kristen Amato, Contributing Writer


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1. Pop Sugar
2. The Glitter Guide 

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