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The Legend Of Grainne Mahaol

Grainne_Mhaol_Poster_2_mediumOne of the days while we were in town, we caught a show in Westport called The Legend of Grainne Mhaol… the story of the famous pirate queen, Grace O’Malley.  It was a fun family show and the dancing was superb. The Irish dancers are some of the best dancers in the country from Roisin Timoney, a world champion Irish dancer to the talented Cunningham Family who perform a certain type of Irish dance called, Sean-nós.  I didn’t know this, but there are two types of Irish dancing: Traditional Irish dancing (like that in Riverdance) and Sean-nós dance. Sean-nos means “old style” and is a more casual dance form, as opposed to the formal competition form of Irish step dancing.

The show runs every Monday and Wednesday night at the Hotel Westport or you can go to their website grainnemhaol.com for more information.  It’s a fun night out and a great way to see a little music, song and dance!

~ Catie Keogh

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